You say you see me

by Devina

(via Pinterest)

… But do you?

You say you see the girl with the glasses

The one always talking about books or reading them

You say you see the kind of person I am

But do you?

You see your daughter

I honestly don’t what you see

But do you really suppose it’s me?

You say you see your sister

Do you actually see  someone

Worth looking up to or someone

Who doesn’t seem to care?

You say you see a girl who laughs

As much as she talks

You see she’ll complain ever now and again

But is that me that you see?

Do you see her struggling to

Keep herself together battling

Things that plagues her thoughts

Even things she doesn’t understand?

Do you see a young woman who’s fighting

A feeble fight, swimming with the current

And not against it, going with what they think

Is right for her

Do you see that? Truly, you do?

You say you see me, but do you look past

The mask that hides the storm beneath?

Did you think to wonder about what I think about

About the things I don’t ever say?

Do you judge me by the person you think you see,

Can you comprehend how dangerous it can be?

Do you see the girl that hurts

From the pressure of expectancy?

You say you see me

But come on, do you seriously

Think it’s really me?

© Devina S.


6 Comments to “You say you see me”

  1. this made me swim in memories ! I totally understand your expressions! Wonderful !

  2. Makes one think… What others really see? And how much of real US stays hidden and ignored..

    • Those are two very seemingly simple questions, what they are is pretty interesting. It’s a frustrating thing to be misunderstood and taken for granted. I believe it’s some of the most important bits of us that don’t get seen, perhaps because people choose not to see or that they don’t pay us much attention or that we choose to hide, but that doesn’t really mean everyone won’t see us.

      • I guess its a mixture of everything. Being taken for granted, being misunderstood… But yes, i also believe that there are souls out there that would understand and get us without any words..

  3. ‘The Johari Window’. 🙂

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