The Language Of The Gun

by tjtherien

We seem to have forgotten the dialect
Of Love Honor and Respect
We’ve forgotten the dialogue of Holy Father and Son
And substituted it with the language of the gun
The scream of hot lead as it flies from the barrel
We claim to be civilized but act like animals feral
We have become insensitively reconciled
With hearing the cries of widow and orphaned child
Molten metal of twisted linguistics
Just another column of numbers and statistics

In death and judgement we have been for too long dealing
Anesthetized, murder triggers very little feeling
We have engaged in a game secular semantics
The retort of NRA is so shallow and pedantic
For one reason and one reason only the gun was invented
To kill and that is one truth in fact cemented
I can no longer hold my tongue, or keep my silence
We must put an end to all this senseless killing and violence
We must find our way back to Buddha, Allah, Holy Father and Son
And forget every last syllable in the language of the gun…
Only then when we are completely illiterate
Will we get out of this cesspool of carnage and shit


8 Comments to “The Language Of The Gun”

  1. Absolutely brilliant poem! Very well written and your passionate message conveyed so clearly!

  2. I see more and more people speak up about it, and it makes me feel positive for a possible change in the future one day.. The end to this.

    • More and more people are speaking out against this is true, but another sad fact is gun sales have reached record levels since Sandy Hook…Unfortunately Gun Culture is ingrained in far too large of the populace in North America…

  3. “anaesthetised” – perfectly sums us up I guess – great blog post!

    • I wish it weren’t so…but it seems unless something strikes real close to home we remain pretty much unfazed by things…Thank you very much…

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