Sweet Tooth

by maiasong

She loves watching him eat

The way he slowly, meticulously

Separates the delicate folds

Wrapped around exotic fragrances

Releasing cocoa and vanilla

As his mouth moves

With purpose and patience

Welcoming the silky smoothness

Like the arching sun spreading warmth

Through a deep lush valley

A seductive rhythm

Delicately blending the creamy flavors

Stirred by the wetness

Of his warm tongue savoring

Every last drop held

Behind gentle lips

Curving mysteriously

While she melts inside


5 Responses to “Sweet Tooth”

  1. Oh wow. I must say, I melted inside this sensual and subliminal poem like nothing else.. Very. Very well done.

  2. Agree with Chatty Owl – superb language and evocation!

  3. Thanks…Ya’ll are the greatest! Nothing like a nice box of fine chocolates! 😉


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