Homo Sapien

by Shashi Moore
(via google)

(via google)

Homo sapiens

With trembling hands I hold on

Wondering where the sanity has gone

Should I influence the thinking of all?

Or spend time pondering if it’s my call


The clock keeps ticking; the hours keep stretching

The mind swings with tempers, strange dreaming

The limbs entangled in the web of troubles

Makes each step taken too much of a struggle


I lean-to all the worldly likes of you

Finding the truth keeps us few;

Sheltering the troubled beings within us

Blemished strings of affection to fuss


From obscurity spreads the courage to break loose

Held to the legend of trumpets signals truce

I break asunder the spirit free

To stand beside you to ornament the ancestral tree

By: Shashi Moore


2 Comments to “Homo Sapien”

  1. it is always a battle ~is it?

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