Beware Lady Beauty

by reikiheidi

Blood red her lips, black as black her eyes
Pale her cheeks, and proud her stance
She looks on with a sneer as you tell your lies
Laughing cold she will make you preen and prance
No mercy shows in her look or deeds
Tight on her leash yet thinking she is under control
Never knowing it is you that she will make bleed
For every wrong you have done she will break your soul.

How can you not see that hard glint in her stare
The cruel mocking laugh to you her reply?
Do you not see or do you not care
This Lady is no Maiden shy?
She is the Vengeance of women everywhere
She is the Spirit come to make you pay
For every one of Hers that you did rip and tear
Over and over your soul she will flay.

A flattering look and a loving smile
In human form this Goddess hooked you
With your arrogance and cunning guile
You had no chance, never seeing Her true.
Now too late Her mocking lips are seen
And the coldness in Her eyes you fear
Her enchantment released makes you keen,
Knowing that your deserved end is here.

The Lady Beauty is Cold and Fey
No Lady of Mercy is this Goddess
She will ever win if you decide to play
And your hair and bones will make her lovely new dress
So be wary with your arrogant charm and wit
And know She could be but a step behind
Blood lips and black eyes should make your teeth grit
If you should see them paired with pale cheeks and Feminine pride.


12 Comments to “Beware Lady Beauty”

  1. wow…amazing…really enjoyed this one Heidi…

  2. Reblogged this on Writing for Joy: An Unpublished Showcase and commented:

    My newest poem that I have just posted on Poets Corner…

  3. This is very stereotypical Beauty… nevertheless well written !

  4. That’s what I would call militant femminism:-D
    Write on Heidi, your fans behind your flag:-D

    • lol, it wasn’t supposed to be!! But why not? Someone needs to stand up for women who’ve been hurt. When I wrote this, I had Keats’ poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci at the back of my mind πŸ™‚

  5. You seems the portray the inner strength of a lady despite her delicate outward enchantment

  6. Always in my delicate times i always gather strength from resilient words of my mother. But I believe that its ok to show that one is weak and over coming one’s weakness to obtain victory will be stand out

  7. Interesting woman, how sad she must be inside all that armor!

  8. Powerful, bold and beautiful πŸ˜‰

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