Poetry challenge 3: The Other Half.

by Harry

Posted for PO3TIC

“….and see how the other half live”
is all i heard her say
I wasn’t listening as usual
I detest the awful way
the corners of her mouth
curl up while she’s talking
the atrocious butchering
of the simplest of words
my irritation grows to anger
at each painful mispronunciation
of nouns, adjectives and verbs
what other half does she mean
is this another one of her
self righteous rants on poverty
words fly so fast from her mouth

they begin to blur into one
completely incomprehensible
stream of utter nothingness
I think of every conceivable
mundane task I could be doing
I think about the other half
wondering if this is how they live
do the other half have better halves
that incessantly spew nonsense
is it possible that I could be
the other half to the other half
“….are you listening to me?….”
If only I could be the other half
maybe then I could finally
have a better “better” half
one that talks about anything
except how the other half live


5 Responses to “Poetry challenge 3: The Other Half.”

  1. really very good Harry! I enjoyed it alot!


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