Persona Poem: Rory Jansen

by ashcam24

At that point, everything I’ve ever wanted is

Staring me in the face. These words are so

Close to the time of Hemingway I could feel

Myself sitting in that coffeeshop next to him—

Maybe with Gertrude Stein on my right. They

Aren’t my words though—but they could be—

I could write this, I could string a few words

Together that turn into the compilation that

Is this book. I could be sharing my thoughts to

Hemingway about the baby—and to Fitzgerald

About my wife, or the crib, doctor, tears,

Typewriter, or red lipstick. If it’s so real in my

Mind, couldn’t it be real in the tangible world?

Because after all—life and fiction come so close

That they almost touch, though they never really

Do, maybe if I stretch my hand just a little farther

I can make the words my own.

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