Mattress Stuffers (3 untitled poems)

by tjtherien


The fats of Lust we boil and render
Into something a little more tender
Until we give ourselves up to complete and sweet surrender
‘Tis in daydreams of night time things
That little cherub Cupid spreads his wings
Plucks his bow and makes magical music pulling on our heartstrings
Strait and true, sure of mark, his arrow pierces the unsuspecting heart
Dodge and duck as we may, there is no evading his dart
We either run and hide, or breathe life into his art…


A soft hour, a tender touch
The smile that lights up your face
Soft lips, the kiss I crave so much
These arms which long for your embrace
Oh, to hold you, to have you just as such
But unfortunately that’s not the case…

Winter ebbs, Spring time neaps
A change of guard, a change of season
Leafless the Willow silently weeps
“Everything Happens For A Reason…”
Every ache, every heart that breaks
Is part of some divine design
We wait, we hope, we pray the sleeper awakes
And the Living Dream sends shivers up and down our spine…


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