Fallen Angel

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

Once upon a time,
a long, long time ago,
I reigned up on high,
I ruled the goddamn show.

But now here I lay
broken far down below,
a shadow since I 
lost my heavenly glow.

I am no sinner,
do not think me wicked.
I am no devil
whose conscience is twisted.

You may have free will
but us angels do not.
We do what we’re told
getting only one shot.

As heaven forbids
us from speaking our mind,
our lips are sealed tight
as we serve all mankind.

But when I saw wrong
I could not stay silent.
My first and last stand
branded me a tyrant.

Cast out from my home,
abandoned, and for what?
I try to appeal
but it is all for naught.

As the fire burns
I feel myself sinking.
A tortured old soul,
no more time for thinking.

Where once I was faithful
He’s now made me hateful.
Just a fallen angel
who finds life too painful.


Poem from my blog Eclectic Eccentricity

Fallen Angel Image


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