Fallen Angel

by reikiheidi

Fallen Angel, cry you not:
Fate is fickle, Sin is not.
Devil-talk with honeyed words,
Homo-sapiens often turned
No thought to reason,
Instinct over-ridden
For dream realisation –
Creation of your vision.
All for just one tiny lie
To society, yourself, and try
To say, it’s not so bad,
The fuss’ll die, I’m just a fad
There’ll be many more after me –
I’m not the only one who ate the apple from the tree.

From legs to serpent we downward slide
And falling ever since cannot be denied
So God is gone from prayer and hope,
Society keeps pushing you to cope
Then you snap, start to rebel
And the devil comes sniffing ready to tell
How best to get back at those who’ve annoyed
Before you know it the devil’s new toy
And the light has faded – you’re all alone-
Old, angry, bitter, no way to atone
So in limbo you waver, caught by sin,
Reaching for Heaven with no way in.
Purgatory, a way unfurled –
That’s why I’m here; today, in this world.


6 Comments to “Fallen Angel”

  1. fantastic…absolutely amazing

  2. Wow! Fierce, beautiful story telling, some super lines crafted together brilliantly!

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