by suicidallyanonymous

Puppy love.
With every string attached;
dense spiderwebs
of Disney princess depictions
stretched tight
-like hammocks
and ticking clocks.

We never knew when
midnight would take us away.

On the edge of innocence.
We were naive,
swallowing butterflies
and abandoning tact
for a mature audience
to digest and distribute

Something risky.
Sipping absinthe
from fractured shotglasses,
as if our palms
couldn’t hold our hearts.

I could hold my liquor
in my right hand,
smothering the voice of reason
with my left,
and you teetered
on an invisible line
separating you from me.

Yesterday is your nightmare,
and today was my future.
If only we forgot how to hate
the “what-ifs”
that tongue-tied our initials.
I’ve become acquainted
with the pain of farewell,
but goodbye
was anything but good
to you.

Begin again.
Forever just might be
eons away from certainty.
But for now, we’ll live
with tomorrow in our kiss
and philosophy embedded
in our heels.
Today, we will break
the very lines they’ll try to read
and made them illegible.


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