Lovers’ Day for Lonely Hearts

by russtowne

This poem is dedicated to all who’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day and wish they weren’t.

Lovers’ Day for Lonely Hearts

This is for all the lonely hearts
Who are apart this Lover’s Day.
For those who seek their soul mate
And for those whose lover is away.

May you soon hold your love so close
That your two hearts beat as one.
May your love grower stronger every hour
And hotter still when each day is done.

May your passion burn so bright
That it’s glow lights up the skies
And may you both bask in the sight
Of undying love in each other’s eyes.
–Russ Towne


2 Comments to “Lovers’ Day for Lonely Hearts”

  1. A beautiful prayer in prose… hopefully we all meet that sweetheart we were born
    to believe in, hope with, work beside and fulfill dreams with.

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