Weekend Prey

by Shashi Moore

Tap and jive; on toes wild

The arm twirls; while legs whirl

The music beating silly; the weekend joint jolly

Filled with bodies entwined; she is out for the first time.

Her friend is seasoned to every beat. A lad offers the first timer a wisp

For friendship sake, he says, nothing to worry if you please, try.

Her mother’s warning she remembers not;

Enthralled, she puffs and chokes

Laughing, all urge to try another

This time perfected;

Puffed and puffed

Till her head numbs

Hands on her, she feels frigid

But, helpless she reclines.

Her peers, who she recalls

have fallen short alike;

 heed to mother’s


By: Shashi Moore




2 Comments to “Weekend Prey”

  1. I ,love the change in mood; from happy and up-beat to sinister. Very well done 🙂

  2. very often, when we throw caution to air, life’s up-beat turns sinister. Thank you for your comment

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