The Shaman’s Horse

by reikiheidi

“I am a circle within in a circle/
with no beginning and never ending…”

Mantra say over and again,
Vibrating within; a meditation refrain.
Circle, sway, shuffle, dance:
Chant and drum drum into trance…
Shaman-like the Spirit moves
Hear the thu-thunder of ethereal hooves-
Flying free riding the Shaman’s Horse
Taking an unusual dream-like course
To the sound of the d-rum d-rum beat
Released from the body Travelling fleet

And fast and sure and knowing
Seeking answers and wisdom with power growing
Teachers and Guides and Allies heed the call
When the Shaman rides and journeys all
Respect given and respect shown in turn-
The tempo changes calling Come! Return!
Boom-boom boom-boom the Shaman heeds
The rhythmic sound of his trusty steed
And like a heart- beat in conscious sound
The Shaman’s Horse brings him safely to ground.


6 Comments to “The Shaman’s Horse”

  1. really really really like this

  2. I believe those who know of shamans’ journeys are especially likely to like this. I know I do. Good job, Heidi!

  3. Wow! Stunning, love the rhythm and the return… ready to begin again, I guess.
    Have to look at this one again!

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