“Grandmother In Pumps”


Poetry Prompt by “Imaginary Garden with Real Toads”Using a group of 5 chosen words: These are my 5 word group.(Merciless, sidewalks, secrets, permission, enticed)

*dVerse also has a poetry prompt on looking back to some memory, I’ve decided to  use this same poem:


Her caring but controlling grip as

I pushed the pedestrian light button

Green, enticed my next accurate suspension…


My eyes dallied away from her pump shoes

to the slick sidewalks I had left to addle,

and, each step took thoughtful permission …


The knee brace clanking secrets inside the

My thick white knee sock

That hid red, plump scars pumping…


Her all encouraging love enticed

Eagle eager eyesight from a merciless reality

To a lightweight wingspan for flying!


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