ice cream – poem

by billgncs

Childhood memories…

He liked Neapolitan.
Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry
lined up in orderly rows.

It wasn’t often he was there,
with two jobs —
bingo, and then the bar.

Once we waited up
legs crossed, hushed game pieces
claiming worn kitchen linoleum squares

He found us sitting,
shining eyes, footed jammies
and grabbed three ice cream bowls.

I went shopping the other day
and stood a moment near the frozen foods
thinking of Neapolitan in its orderly rows.


14 Comments to “ice cream – poem”

  1. very beautiful and moving

  2. Oh I love this! It just oozes childhood memories of cosy days when everything was rosy.



  3. Nice to read and yes the flavors of younger days remain good memories!

  4. I still love my ice cream 🙂

  5. lovely to keep memorable experience in poetry such as this~ Thank you always ~Deborah

  6. Well done, my friend. You evoked memories of my own while allowing me to experience some of yours.
    I especially liked the last tline.


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