Hearing the daylight enter

by Ina

The quietness is all I’m looking for,
as the noise of butterfly wings flying,
of slow-moving clouds, of the music I
find in your eyes, would be too much already.

Before we slept, the sound of our bodies,
of lips and sheets, of wanting more,
was what I saw and it was darker then.
I felt all senses, they became insane.

Have you ever heard the colour red scream
so loud that it would hurt your ears and eyes?
The indigo of night was whispering,
and I watched how you slept beside of me.

Silenced by the night, enough, I listen
how the daylight enters softly our room.
That is all I want to hear right now,
only that, to wake you up. My love.


6 Comments to “Hearing the daylight enter”

  1. Harry, this is my 5th poem here, where have they gone to lol?

  2. Beautifully, intimately written, just can’t help reading it in a whisper.

  3. Thank you for whispering beeseeker 🙂

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