The Birth of Racism and Religious Discrimination (God Forgive Us Our Ignorance)

by tjtherien

Politicians and power hoarders
Narrow minded sycophants
Erect walls and fences and call them borders
Creating prejudice with words like immigrant
God forgive them their ignorance

Ever since the beginning of time
Every government has been guilty of
Perpetrating the very same crime
Against humanity and brotherly love
Soiled then slain, the death of the dove

Perverting scripture and holy scroll
They twist and warp religion
To suit their endgame of complete control
In the name of God we commit our greatest sin
Warring in God’s name I assure you is not God’s vision

Evoked images of Crusade and Hajj
Cries for Jihad and Holy War
Enforced by bullet and badge
Their differences we underscore
The Establishment brainwashes the disadvantaged and the poor

Spoon-fed a steady diet of slanted statistics since youth
Propagated by the media a practice to deceive
They’ve told us their lies for so long we can no longer detect the truth
We have been manipulated to believe
And all we do is shrug and sigh and heave

Fly high we our flags flap unfurled
At every turn we are pointed out our difference
We turn our back on the rest of the world
Disguised as patriotism we pledge our oath of allegiance
God forgive us our ignorance
God forgive us our ignorance…


7 Comments to “The Birth of Racism and Religious Discrimination (God Forgive Us Our Ignorance)”

  1. This is a fantastic poem. I love the clause ‘God forgive us…’, It is so important to view the world as one country and mankind its citizens. Well said.

  2. thank you Sashi…at first I was a little hesitant putting this out there wondering if people would understand it…but I feel the message outweighs my insecurities tackling such sensitive subject matter…we all have more in common than we have differences but commonalities are often left out of the discussion while most of the emphisis is on what divides us and pits us against them…there really is no them…only us…and the sad thing is we allow the situation to persist…

  3. Bravo! Brilliant andDefinitely a theme that’s required to discuss ~ Thank you ~Deborah

    • Thank you Deborah…I believe it’s about more than just fancy flowery phrases, that artists have a duty to create awareness…

  4. Great message poetically stated, and some of the rhymes were quite impressively put together. Well done!

    • thank you Russ…spent last week trying to hammer this one out…spent a bit more time on this than I normally spend on a piece of poetry…the computer saved a couple of trees that would have been cut down for this one…

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