The Bet

by Shashi Moore

(via Google images)

The Bet!

Feigning quakes of fear

I enter

Down Valley of steps


to creepy musty world of shadows

I edge into

the abyss of darkness

swallowed in uncanny surrounding;

my shoon squeaks

I jump!

the flutter of wings,

Bats I bothered


A skeptic, I peer

Shadows gaze

Beads of sweat tumble

The icy fingers of chills creep my spine

Yonder, red eyes

Leers, purrs and stutters


I Stumble and tumble


Clutter of tools and trappings

Trembling I pray for time to speed

the desire to win the silly bet

to spend twelve minutes at the stroke of twelve

in desolate basement.


I Step forward

Pitch dark dampness seeps,

A sudden rumble ruffles my nape stiff

I pause;

I hold my breath

Oh! No! no, no,

I burst into mirth

An old furnace

Silly me,

Fire for red eyes I fault


Basked in heat, I curl

Soon to slumber into

Gambled sleep.

By: Shashi Moore

4 Comments to “The Bet”

  1. A lovely poem and the way its set out.

    Will you leave a name/site in the poem where you found the picture, we have to do that.

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