snow angel – poem

by billgncs

a snow angel is made in an untouched bed of snow by lying on your back and then waving your arms and legs. Then your partner lifts you out leaving the perfect image of a winged angel in the snow.

frosted breaths chasing snowflakes
perfect landing on the tongue, not nose
red flushed cheeks, gloved clasping hands
cold virgin snow creaks and groans
beneath each exploring footstep

the perfect snow angel
waves her arms and legs
painting pristine silhouettes
then dancing inside to stomp and shake
polar bears who shed their fur

savoring hot chocolate
and sidelong glances
warm intentions of
making angels of our own

5 Responses to “snow angel – poem”

  1. Yes onlookers surely envy the freedom of a snow angel 🙂 – lovely poem


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