by blackandwhiteartist

MAYBE IT’S not your fault.

Maybe it’s just time and stuff.

Maybe it’s just priorities.

Maybe it’s just obligations.

Maybe it’s just rules.

Or maybe..

it’s just because of me.

Maybe it’s my fault.

And if ever it is,


I’m sorry.


7 Comments to “Maybe”

  1. love the last 4 lines and the ending…”sorry…I’m sorry.” making me ask the question is the writer sorry for the fact they are sorry to begin with, or is it a glimmer of genuine remorse in a litany of excuses and deflecting of blame…very well done…

  2. I like it and believe that many readers will relate to it through their own similar personal experiences. I too like how the “sorry…I’m sorry” can have multiple meanings and leaves it up to the reader to wonder what is meant and/or to choose a meaning for themselves.

  3. beautiful, emotive and tight … how few and little words can touch soul and mind … thanks for sharing.

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