by Venkat

With truth by my side

Why do I doubt

Question the self and hide

Let weeds of mind sprout

With truth in my heart

Why do I spite

Angered and torn apart

Let prejudice come in sight

With truth as my ideal

Why do I reject

Dismiss others as unreal

Let life seem as a defect

With truth as a goal

Why do I confine

Be away from the whole

Let my own limits define

With truth in my eyes

Why do I turn away

Gamble life with dice

Let in devils to stay

Nothing seems right

Though truth be within

Try as I might

Virtue turns to sin

Time has the answer

Nothing to fear

With deep thoughts I gather

A truth becomes clear

Nothing to feel ruth

To feel weak or odd

When you accept your truth

As your God


14 Comments to “Acceptance”

  1. very very good ! Great rhyming!

  2. Very clever, I like the positive ending.

  3. I like this!

    Aceptance for me is a process and sometimes it is a roller coaster ride with ups and dips at different levels. And i think self knowledge is only part of it, but a big part nonetheless because it means we axknowledge, and therefore have something to work at , and however much that roller coaster rises and dips, it is worth the hard work to arrive at where your lovely poemends. 🙂


  4. Thanks for liking and the comment. Sometimes one just has to stop, accept and do nothing. Truth shines by itself and nothing can bring it down. I only thought of the beginning of poem. The end took shape by itself.

  5. I like this piece alot…I read quite a bit and this stands out for me…well done

  6. “Virtue turns to sin” … a sharp line, like it!

  7. Thank you, Venkat! I enjoyed this one a lot!

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