by tjtherien

My definition of Amore
Is to revel in your glory
To kneel in the temple of your soul in praise
To lose myself in the labyrinth of your gaze
To pull you close and kiss one kiss
That would linger forever in sweet tenderness

In constant hope I dwell in the house of Tomorrow
A cup of Joy and a splash of Sorrow
Combine for the perfect mix
Addicted to you I need a fix
I need it quick I need it fast
But most of all I need it to last…


8 Comments to “Amore”

  1. “To kneel in the temple of your soul in praise…” Be still my beating heart — this is beautiful!!

  2. thank you for your kind comments…I am happy you enjoyed

  3. thank you Deborah, your words are always so kind

  4. I really like this one, TJ. The first half has beautiful imagery and I really love it, especially lines 3, 4, and 6, and I like line 5 quite a bit too. They are some of the best lines of poetry that I recall reading.

    In fact, I love the first half, and like the second half. It’s almost as though they are two separate poems–and could be. The feel and the rhythm appear to me to change dramatically between the first and second halves. I know that may have been by design.

    The second half almost seemed to me to be written by a second poet.

  5. thank you Russ…written by 2 poets…originally I wrote this when I was around 20 and then revisited it almost 25 years later…but other than spelling didn’t change too much…but then again I am a gemini

  6. “a cup of joy and a splash of sorrow…” Very good!

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