Raggedy man

by Devina
father and daughter

(via Pinterest.com)

For Poetry Challenge 2


He carries a whiff of diesel

Denim smeared, greasy to the touch

Beads of sweat cool on his sun baked face

Good shirts come home from the fields

With soft frayed holes and a scent of green

A sure thing to send Ma’s ire up

Added to the broken saucer and cup

The raggedy man,

A listener, a speaker,

Father mine,

A firm grip to hold my hand

A bawdy laugh,

That’s only his

Hot temper, quick wit

Raggedy man,

Wise, strong and safe

Soaked in worry

Caked in stress

Raggedy man, father mine

Don’t worry sir, for you I shall

Prick my fingers a million times

While I sew you up

With gratitude

And with love


© Devina S.


7 Responses to “Raggedy man”

  1. Thanks Devina nice to see you back and a nice poem.

  2. I really like this poem, Devina, especially the title and how you reminded readers about the title in the final lines, the mental picture you provided about your dad, how you conveyed your love for him, and more.


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