Poetry Challenge: 2.

by Harry


January’s poetry challenge is to write a poem to or about a person close to you using any of the senses except sight. 

I’m looking forward to reading all your entries.

You can post in this challenge at anytime.

The entries so far.

Raggedy Man

I believe


See No

 The nightmare


When i think of Gina

Her essence

10 Comments to “Poetry Challenge: 2.”

  1. I look forward to reading!

    Happy days …

    • I hope i get some entries back, why don’t you enter at submit a poem.

      • Love to. If I publish on a site other than my own, none of the mags or lit contests will pick it up. Starting to be a bit more cautious about that. But, I will enjoy from afair. Nice thing you are doing. Thanks for the invite, Harry. Be well. Enjoy the weekend.

        Warmest ~

      • Poetry Challenge: 2 submission
        Harry, I’m not sure if I’m in the right place… but

        The Three Essences

        There are three essences in this life
        Solid, Liquid and Gas
        They are different forms of matter
        I wonder if they are the last

        When all the dust has settled
        And you meet St Peter
        At the Pearly Gates
        Whether be Solid, Liquid or Gas
        Will not seal your fate

        It comes right down
        To what really matters
        And the solid life you led
        What have you done to rest
        On Cloud Nine
        A Heavenly spot to rest your head

        I am now in search
        Of the Fourth Essence
        It blows in and out
        Through the trees
        I have discovered that
        The Fourth Essence

        dewey decimo Jul, 2016

  2. Hi Harry, I’m back to posting. When you said all the senses except for sight, does that also mean no pictures or do you mean it for the poem itself?

  3. Reblogged this on Hot chocolate and books and commented:

    This is our January poetry challenge over at Poets’ Corner. Even if you’re not a poet there you are very welcome to participate! You can submit a poem here and it will soon be posted on the home page. Join us 😀

  4. She dances through my mind
    A pitter patter
    Does she

    I wonder what she looks like
    It really does not matter to me

    She smells a bit like lavender
    An aroma from days gone past
    I’ll have a lavender bath tonight
    To sense her presence at last

    She may consider what I look like
    For sight she has naught
    Can she sense my grotesqueness
    To be or to not

    It reminds me of a joke
    Oh, the world can be very cruel
    Her is the jist of it
    It’s all part of this poetic duel

    A blind bunny
    And a blind snake
    Blind since birth

    A blind man trips over the snake
    And lands on the bunny

    Bunny says “Can you help us out, we don’t know what we are?”
    Blind man says “I’ll try, I lost my sight when I was ten”
    He feels the bunny
    “Hmm… bouncy legs, bushy tail, pointy ears, Why you are a bunny”

    Bunny says ” Thank you, can you help my friend over there?”
    Blind man says “I’ll try…long slithery body, beady eyes, forked tongue, Why you’re a lawyer”

  5. Harry… looks as though my spell check wasn’t working or I was up late and wrote this in the dark…oh…well

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