butterfly memories – poem

by billgncs

From gentle puff chaotically darting
to flower a visit never planned
randomly deliberate steps falter
to finish where it must be so

Meadow grass reflecting endless bounty
sun paints rippled waves to dance and bend
propelling higher, ever farther
breezes any distance might transcend.

Is each stop a new perception
for one who’s life is counted by the day
did you linger with the buttercups
at bitter wild onion flit away.

Train whistles sing of destinations
clickity clack they sing to me
the journey just a blurring image
no single flower, unique tree

Autumn winds blow cold and harder
bountiful meadow dark and grey
do you still taste summers passion
has the wind chased all trace away.


2 Comments to “butterfly memories – poem”

  1. So spiritually alive in imagery and the beauty of the earth!

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