Nothing to Prove

by Venkat

When conversations go awry
A clash of feelings
A need to be free
Incomprehensible meanings

A pause too long
Silence loud
A place you don’t belong
Trespasses not allowed

A lingering question of why
Unable to give up the fight
Avoid looking in the eye
A need to prove yourself right

Human nature incorrigible
Same feelings, same ways
Psychological warfare that enfeeble
Yet long for perfect days

There came a time
When I realized
To clean the conversational grime
It is wise to be advised

What you see as wrong
Is but insufficiency of your sight
A missing piece of life’s song
To fit that piece is your right

The good way to change
To realize and grow strong
Is to improve your visual range
And not prove right or wrong


4 Comments to “Nothing to Prove”

  1. that’s absolutely wonderful ! leave the ego behind !

  2. Love the sentiment in this 🙂

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