The Relationship Between A Poet And A Muse

by tjtherien

The Poet does not choose
Inspiration, or Earthly Muse
Serendipitously stumbled upon,
Passing through Night to see the Dawn,
The differences found in every snowflake,
The Testaments of Love and Heartbreak,

Everything between Joy and Sorrow,
The Regrets and Resentments of the Past, the Hopes for Tomorrow
The Muse affects the Poet in many ways
And injects into the Poet’s voice notes of venom, or notes of Praise,
The Muse is the Flower and the Water, the Poet is the Vessel, the Vase…


2 Comments to “The Relationship Between A Poet And A Muse”

  1. Profound Entity. Excellent post.

  2. thank you…

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