Hope You Can Find What I Could Not

by tjtherien

(Not sure if this qualifies as acrostic, but if after reading all I said in the poem below you still have doubt
take the letter equal to the line and that should spell it out…)
1. Wide and far we search for
2. The keys that will set us free
3. Stealing the night by the Nubian shore
4. Thoroughly and passionately
5. There lurking the thought, “Are we meant to be?”

6. Set sail upon the turbulent seven seas in a leaky, rickety old junk
7. If it insures and end once and for all to this emotional feeling less funk

8. Past hurt reminds us to proceed cautiously
9. But we rush in without heeding the warnings when presented the opportunity
10. All because of the elusive nature of emotion fraught with such intensity

11. Consumed by loneliness, spurred on by eternal hope
12. In palpitations and butterflies
13. Vested in the ever failing belief in something of grander scope
14. We continue to seek out our soul mate as we look into each other’s eyes …

6 Comments to “Hope You Can Find What I Could Not”

  1. I like it, but i don’t think its acrostic ( see acrostic poems ) the poem title is meant to be spelt out in lines, but as i said its good.

  2. I looked up acrostic on wikipidia and saw variations with it spelled in the middle, or double acrostic which is beginning and ended letters but you are right I didn’t find an example that covered this grey area form…but I wrote it today to challenge myself…might try a double acrostic at some point…thank you for the input

  3. feel free to remove it from the acrostic catagory…as it does not meet the specifications…and again thank you

    • Its ok, i was only introduced to one type of acrostic so i don’t know about other types.

      Its like haiku, its meant to be 5-7-5 words but some people don’t stick to it 🙂

  4. Cleverly composed – where indeed ?

  5. thank you…not so much composed as blurted out in about an hour this morning

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