by willowdot21
It rages in my head the hunger for it goes unfed. It crawls around in sludge like an almighty dread, it screams and and groans and claws at my head.
The need, the greed consumes me, it ripples through my brain pushing pulling to the brink of pain. To lift me high then dash me down again . They crawl and grab they lung and stab. Body to body soul to soul they creep through my head writhing, grinding ever faster to reach their goal.They flounder they grapple they bite and they suck , they cry and they scream and they curse at my luck. The sword fights the cross and cross starts to burn and fight thunders through my head and Oh! how I yearn.To be eased, appeased , sated and pleased. Not baron dried out andΒ  teased. It is eating me up and it wont let me rest I need it I want it I demand it this is not a request. It is driving me mad it is making me sad I am upsetting my friends and strangers think I am mad.It is gnawing me, goring me, splitting me in two and they will all creep inside me what on earth can I do. HELP ME, help me I am going mad oh! just forget it it’s all so f##king sad!

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10 Comments to “Frustration,madness”

  1. Lovely poem! I feel like pouring a bucket of cold water on the head that is experiencing all of these!

  2. Illustration and words go together so, so well – great piece of writing!

  3. Strong words and photo, its very good.

    But please tick your name

  4. i love your illustration! it’s perfect for the writing, as well. this is great!

  5. Thank you for you positive comments. πŸ™‚

  6. Very nice poem. Well narrated.

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