One In A Million

by tjtherien

I could have lived one hundred thousand lives
And still not know anything like this
I could have a harem of one hundred thousand wives
And still not experience the enchantment found in your kiss
I would lay on a bed of one hundred thousand knives
If that led to us being together in a state of loving bliss…
I could taste one hundred thousand pleasures
But none would be as sweet as your lips
I could take one hundred thousand measures

But none would equal what you met out in little sips
I could indulge in one hundred thousand leisures
But for you I would go to Hell and back even if it took one hundred thousand trips
I could dream one hundred thousand dreams
And not a single one would compare to your beauty radiant and rare
I could wade the waters of one hundred thousand whispers and screams
Because when I’m with you I feel like I’m walking on air
I could right one hundred thousand poems on a thousand reams
Inspired by the knowledge that you are right there…
You truly are one in a million…one in a billion…one in a trillion
There is no one else like you…

2 Comments to “One In A Million”

  1. Quite an Enchanting poem.

  2. thank you very much

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