Where Do Dreams Go To Die?

by russtowne

Where do dreams go to die?
It could be an awful terrible place.
But don’t caterpillars turn into butterflies?
And drops of water become snowflakes?

Perhaps dreams are like that too
When they’re crushed and all seems lost.
Maybe they return as something new
And even better than what we’d sought.

–Russ Towne

10 Responses to “Where Do Dreams Go To Die?”

  1. a lovely optimistic poem!

    • Thank you, Bill. My view of life is that it can be challenging enough without my focusing a lot of energy on the challenges, hardships, pain, and grief in my written work. I’d prefer that my poetry inspires, uplifts, evokes positive feelings and actions, and helps people to feel good about themselves and others, and I’ve found that the best way to do that is to focus on positive things. I’m glad that some poets focus on the other aspects of life so as to help things stay in balance and to help readers know that there are others who are feeling similar pain, loneliness, heartache, desperation, fear, and grief. May each reader find poets who fulfill and move them, help them heal and celebrate, and with whom they resonate and and relate. (The rhymes in the last sentence were unintentional. Sometimes I just can’t shut it off.)


  2. Thank you for the great compliment, Bill. It is especially impactful to me in that I’ve had to work hard at becoming this way. I know that some people are naturally happy and upbeat right from birth. I wasn’t one of them. Over time, I’ve worked hard at coming over to the bright side. I like it here–it has a much better view and the weather is nicer here too.
    ;-D! I plan to never go back.


  3. Ever so beautiful ! Thank you Harry~Deborah

  4. Thank you for your kind comment, Deborah.



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