My Most Unlikely Muse

by tjtherien

I will call you Erato by moonlight
In the soft hours before the dawn
Just a warm dream on a cold winter’s night
And a fond memory to reflect upon

I will call you Euterpe by the lake
Whose waters run forever deep
I listen to the musical measure of every breath you take
As I lay wake admiring the beauty of your sleep

I will call you Urania under the stars
By whatever Heavenly, or Divine Design
Or , influence over these petty little lives of ours
Which drove you into these arms of mine

I will call you Calliope by the cataract
Whose waters wash away the sighs
Aged wine is finer and that’s just a fact
Along with the adventure which awaits me in the labyrinth of your eyes

I will call you Clio in rhyme
Echoing the sentiment throughout the ages
Standing up to the testament of Time
And the turning of dusty pages

I will call you Melpomene by choice
Sweet songstress of my heart and soul
Enraptured by the melodies of your lilting voice
And the way you in part make me feel whole

I will call you Polyhymnia by the precipice
Worship in the sacred temple of your sex
Sing your praises kiss by kiss
What Gods could we possibly vex?

I will call you Terpsichord the whirlwind
Who dances on fine feathered feet
Oh what a tangled web we spin
So consummate and complete

I will call you Thalia in the garden wild
By a playful and idyllic stream at daybreak
You are nine parts woman one part child
You make my flesh burn and my body ache

I will call you Erato come morning
When I wake up from this dream
Because I know all of a sudden and without warning
Things will go back to be exactly as they seem…

7 Comments to “My Most Unlikely Muse”

  1. Welcome Timothy and a nice poem to start.
    You forgot to tick your name 🙂 i fixed it.

  2. I will call you~magnificent !

  3. Beware the twist in the tale!

  4. thank you all very much

  5. Very beautiful… strikes me as Keats-esque 🙂

  6. thank you…quite an honour to be mentioned in the same breath as Keats…

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