The Abyss

by russtowne

I know too well what it’s like
To linger on the jagged edge
Of the deep and dark abyss.
I’ve felt its powerful pull
And heard its siren song.
“Give up! Give in!
You can end your pain and shame.
There’s no need to suffer anymore.”
But even during my darkest days
When hope was a distant memory
I knew even then the abyss would lose.

For that false friend had no chance
Against a tool that I could use
To renew my hope and help me to endure.
When all seemed lost I’d make a list
Of what I was I was grateful for.
I smiled as the list grew long
And the abyss lost its allure.
I’ve learned that when I’m feeling down
Counting blessings is the cure.
–Russ Towne


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