Road of life.

by Harry

Posted for Teasy.

Leaving home was easy but no-one told

me, looking back was hardest.

Mother standing wrapped in black shawl.

Tears welled as her fledgling leaves the nest.

Father waves as he comforts her,

Softly whispers it’s for the best.

The lane from my home stretches agilely out

and marries the road I now seek.

It is Lined with all sorts of flowering tree’s decorated in summer dress.

Nature is at its height, the world is surely at peace

At its termination I stop to ponder reason

Tiny specks, once where my kin stood

Now like ants moving in a hazy sun.

Their shimmering motion dipping in and out of sight

I urge on, my stride takes me further as the summer haze engulfs them.

My mind drifts back, my youth.

Home, even my bedding and the pattern challis

 that adorned it.

Father’s words flitter in the soft breeze,

Go now and find thy future

The road hugs me, secure as

I hurried towards my destiny.

Once more I stand on the road that adjoins our lane.

Time has eroded many things but my memories remain

I am home.


2 Comments to “Road of life.”

  1. I especially loved your last 5 lines, George!

  2. Well done Teasy lovely poem.

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