My Piano and Me

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

taste iron as I swallow hard,
nerves making me grind my teeth together.
There’s a faceless crowd, swamped in darkness, waiting.
Shut them out? Forget them? A hopeless endeavor.

I sit and smell freshly polished wood.
I inhale that heavenly, calming scent
as I feel all my stage fright flutter away.
I no longer feel the subject of an event.

I set my fingers down on the keys,
feel their smooth texture underneath my skin,
giving under the small pressure of a touch,
sending vibrations down to my soul, deep within.

A single note plays for all to hear.
But I don’t think of them, I think of pitch,
the perfect pitch and the perfect note, blending
into the other. A magical sound, so rich.

I close my eyes but yet still I see.
I see colours; bright colourful explosions!
Here, the sound alone, it paints a masterpiece,
taking me through such a spectrum of emotions.

So I do not need the faceless crowd,
because I can tastesmelltouchhear and see
what was just before mere black marks on paper.
I know now what I need: My Piano and Me.




9 Comments to “My Piano and Me”

  1. I love the way you allowed your five senses get the better of you.

  2. Fantastic poem, very rich with imagery.

  3. My senses came alive with your poem.

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