“Which One Is It?”



The black sun deepens upon earth’s face
Mercifully reaching to the core of my soul
And binding up my heart—
Mother Earth is breathing under my feet,
Dreaming like God for its fullness to be
I feel her suffering as my fingers trace
The dying child, the empty womb, recalling
A paradise forgotten—
This crevice, this rock from where I watch
Hide me between awe and pain
Like a crying harp—

Is it glory I am tingling under or is it
Glory I have dusted off with every
Mortal entangling?—
Is it moonlight or sun’s laughter
That wakens earthliness in the blood
Of existence flower?
It is demise to measure, delineate every
Motion, season, hour and minute as
No more than a dower,
Some deserved gift, pleasure earned
For Being the voice-full specie
Of a million cymbal’s caroling—

Earth, may I step lightly upon your smile,
Your beauty, which blows me over
With awesome reverence—
May I run naked from ego and sin,
Tipping my hat to every god
And gentle breeze that lulls—
Wiping my feet and licking my lips at
Every dawn for bread, and song and tear
That tutors what in me is so small—
And may my center fill its measure
In bewildered mystery and worship
To the heartbeat of your benevolence.

4 Comments to ““Which One Is It?””

  1. Lovely poem and thank you, can you click your name in categories please 🙂

  2. Can the author please tick their name or let me know who posted the poem.

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