by Shashi Moore

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Time old tradition

Of one from the *‘Great Dipper’

Each autumn she tends her flowers


Endure the floral beauty through the winter.

Under the autumn sun few alike,

She stalls the aging of the fragile beauty

In a quadrangular boxes.

Film of crisp grains of sand, she sets to rest;

A single file of petals in its glory trapped.

And buried by another layer of soil until boxes fill

With mounds of petals to preserve:

I follow the gentle soul;

Steps, down the flight into the coolness

Of her metamorphic realm, to sight,


A world of aura, aroma, aglow with colors of life

Restored to subdued life from winters afore

These pulseless

Colours alike the beauty from above

Set souls soar.

Spun and weaved the contours of petals

Into soundless songs of its own.


Several moons later

In search

I stroll down the Madison Square

A gift for friend, too dear:


Lo and behold

a treat from

 Bouquets of  Alaskan beauty!

Finally free for eyes to feast on

 Petals from great dipper:

Timeless splendor

By: Shashi Moore

* Great Dipper – Alaska


2 Comments to “Timeless”

  1. This has a beautiful underlying tide of memories for me.

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