by russtowne

It happened without warning
One moment everything was clear
But then my eye glasses broke
And my life became a blur

But my fuzzy vision
Brought into sharp relief
That what happened to my eyes
Can happen to cherished beliefs

Opinions that are built on air
Can come crashing to the ground
And sometimes “facts” no longer fit
When biases are brought down

I know my eyes will once again
Begin to clearly see
With the help of some new glasses
That are a good fit for me

But what about my false beliefs
When they’re lying shattered on the ground?
And the mirages I had counted on
Are nowhere to be found?

–Russ Towne

3 Comments to “Mirages”

  1. Very nice Russ and welcome to poets corner.

  2. Thank for your kind comment and for creating this site, Harry.

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