by willowdot21

My Life’s Blood

Drip, drip drip drop,plip plip plip plop.That is the sound of my life’s’ blood Stem it quick quick before I drown in the flood.

Funny funny funny how it looks like rain pulling at my heart strings.Where is my umbrella  I need to dodge these drops as they sting sting sting.

Bling bling bling blong, that is the deafening sound of my mistakes made song! I shan’t give you the full title because it is too long long long!

Ripple Ripple

Ripple, ripple,ripple tripple the echoes of my life reverberate  and trickle out of my wound and bleed me dry. They do, they do they do do do I am bleeding out watch out it could be all over you,  you, you.

Pour, pour,pour, pour the blood is flowing faster and it flows right to your door, door, door.Wipe it up, clean it up , dab it away it will stain your floor, floor, floor.

Drip drip drip drop farm5.static.flickr.com/

2 Comments to “DRIP,DRIP,DRIP,DROP.”

  1. The repetition is hypnotic !

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