by Ina


The words had given in to silence now
and evening crawled in shades across the bed.
It had just been five hours since we met,
and now, should I stay or go, and how.

You stood before the window, had a smoke,
the air becoming mist, I saw you fade,
your face was now another’s. Had we made
real love or not? No sound. I wished you spoke.

I closed my eyes and waited for your touch.
You threw away the burning cigarette.
Now all was different from when we first met.
The darkness came and didn’t care too much.

Why were we in this cheap hotel, this place,
how come I trusted that you cared for me?
So dark it was, but still I learned to see
through tears that were meandering my face.

I heard you leave the room and fell asleep,
and when the morning came, the sun shone bright,
the room looked different now, so full of light,,
and I still loved you, strong and wild and deep.

I tried to stop my tears, and to forget
how much I felt for you, my foolish heart,
I knew I should go on, make a new start,
I took my clothes, and never made the bed.

And then the door went open wide. Right there
you stood, your arms full roses, red and sweet.
You gave them and you swept me of my feet,
and from that moment, yes, we were a pair.



2 Comments to “Night”

  1. Throughout the darkness your words shone like a wonderful beacon…loved the happy ending as well!
    Rachael 🙂

  2. I like the ending I am a suckker for a happy ending. You explored the sadness of the one night stand perfectly. The twist at the end was perfectly.

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