I reach for you

by willowdot21


I know you are up there just out of sight I know you are looking down on me, my darling tiny might. Why were you in such a rush to leave my arms, why only look upon me for so short a time then leave with all your charms.

I have this empty aching hole deep inside my body and my heart. Why did you have to leave I want you so much I am broke not sure if I can full fill my part. I ache for you, I long for you, I need you. My body does too.There is an emptiness in my womb and my milk flows for you, why are gone I am so empty and lost this is true.

This world with all it woes and pain was too harsh for you and so your soul did not remain. You are back with the stars , cosmic dust in God’s hand, he took you back again. I guess I was not what he had planned . No doubt God has a path for you to take  and so my dear lost babe I wish you love in all that you may do what ever of life you make..

6 Comments to “I reach for you”

  1. This is such a personal and very sad poem, I wish I hadn’t put a ‘like’ on it as it seems inappropriate.
    But i am sure you will understand. It’s a beautiful poem


    • Thank you , I have said this before, some things have to be said before they are folded up and put to bed. It may help someone, who knows. Thank you for your kind and feeling words.xx

  2. This piece simply leaves me speechless and deep in thought. I salute your words and your courage.

  3. so personal and so poignant. Quietly and carefully written and ‘put to bed.” quite beautiful

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