Acrostic poem: HOPEFUL

by willowdot21


H– Haven opened up it’s doors, turned on the taps so on the earth rain pours

O– Oh! not again is the plaintive cry that raises from the people in-between their sighs!

P– Please stop this rain before we float away we want to live another day.

E– Ever hopeful we have started building a boat,fingers crossed that it will float.

F– Forty days and forty nights this is wrong it can’t be right, no more please you have had your spite.

U– Unfortunately we are getting short of wood and a cessation of the wet stuff would be good

L– Lastly all our provisions have been washed away. Please could we have a sunny day?

4 Comments to “Acrostic poem: HOPEFUL”

  1. Good acrostic poem willow thanks.

    I was reducing the size of the photo and it disappeared, can you put it back please.

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