Hope for the Hopeless

by willowdot21

Photo from istockphoto.com
Hurry hurry it is that time of year, buying presents planning meals, Christmas is drawing near. Tinsel, fairies, Santa’s everywhere, tiny lights twinkle. Hurry past her, close your eyes, tell yourself she’s okay it is so easy to believe convenient lies and hope she will go away.

Don’t ever give her  a second thought. What were the circumstances that, her to this corner brought. How old is she? she does look young but some of them play on that they work in gangs….Scum.

She does look cold, she needs a coat she looks so hungry and tired. Is that a lump in your throat? There are lots of souls like her around, sleeping in doorways and cardboard boxes in our cities and our towns.

Should you give her your coat or your change,  buy her a hot drink you don’t want her to spend it on booze or drugs help her out, don’t you think?This dilemma makes you feel sad well what can I say life can be bad!

She might be an angel she might be just be lost but if you just helped her would that be too high a cost. So spare a thought as you gather round your Christmas tree with your Christmas treats for all your family, for all those who are lost, sad, lonely, cold or in pain. If you gave to a homeless charity you would not loose, just think of what you could gain .

Little note:  I know I have used this image more than once but this beautiful homeless man speaks more with his eyes than I could write on a million blogs!

2 Comments to “Hope for the Hopeless”

  1. The feeling of helplessness leaves quickly when you help someone. It is that simple.

  2. Yes that is the whole spirit of the poem.The Hope is for the ones without. Happy Christmas .

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