A Dream; it was just a Dream

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

A dream; it was just a dream.

Waking in an empty room,

Coming back down to earth

Leaving paradise behind,

Spreading cold through my bones.

Wiping sleep from my eyes,

Reaching out to emptiness.

Closing my eyes tightly shut,

Holding back my heartfelt tears.

A dream; it was just a dream.

Lying wrapped up in your arms,

Watching your chest rise and fall,

Listening to your heavy breathing,

Loving my time here with you.

Touching your skin, feeling fire,

Hugging you close, fiercely tight.

Knowing I couldn’t be happier

Relaxing, warm, safe by your side.

A dream; it was just a dream.

Dressing slowly, I’m a zombie,

Wondering where you are right now,

Wishing you were here with me.

Letting the floodgates open,

Sobbing through the lonely pain,

Holding my arms across my chest,

Trying to hold my heart together,

Yearning for your touch once more.


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