by Wendy Strohm

Homeless woman

I pass you lonely on the street

And I wonder whether you’ve enough to eat

I expect you’re cold, unhappy too

And I notice no-one looks at you

I think about how you ended up here

In a position where there’s much to fear

I see behind the dirt and grime

Features there that might have been fine

You’re bundled up but painfully thin

With missing teeth in your defiant grin

You stink to high heaven – you really smell

And that hacking cough, you’re clearly unwell

Helpless I feel – in the face of your homelessness

Money in your cup, though I know it’s not for the best.

10 Comments to “Homeless”

  1. This is beautifully written. And I am sure we can all relate to those feelings in the poem.

    I guess, under different circumstances this could be any of us.


  2. A sandwich would go a long way too. Yes it is all of us sitting there in a down economy.

  3. Lovely Wendy, i have just finished mine 🙂

  4. We must give to the homeless. Hard to walk by someone with nothing. Hard world for many people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and poetry.

  5. Thank you for the reminder, Wendy. You captured the feelings well.

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