Acrostic: Christmas noise.

by Ina


C– Conversation in the room

H– How all day long, new people come,

R– Rambling, while others go, it doesn’t make a difference:

I– It is that they have to talk,

S– So why can’t they just sit,

T– Take a cup or glass, enjoy: coffee, wine, whatever,

M– Maybe their own thoughts?

A– A silence now and then? The sound of snow.

S– Share the beauty of being together.

N– No, they have to be entertained by

O– Other talkers. Mostly they want to hear their own voice.

I– In all that time, not one second the conversation stops.

S– So it is a match, the one with most to tell, is winner.

E– Enough of noise! I am starting to hate Christmas.

5 Comments to “Acrostic: Christmas noise.”

  1. Nice to see you back Ina, i’m going to have to do editing of the title if thats ok. Nice poem and i’m sure it was hard to do being so long.

  2. It has to be Company for Christmas I guess 🙂 sorry for the mistake I wrote this in a room full of people lol

  3. Thats it fixed Ina, are you back with us posting.

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