Umbrella Terms

by suicidallyanonymous

There’s hesitation upon staring directly
into the abyss of your eyes,
and it quite possibly
scares me.
There’s a recognizable connection
with the deficiency in our kneecaps;
we are both broken
from falling.

I guess you can see it, too:
the shame;
the guilt.
Look down and walk away…

Nothing satisfies us,
but let’s go for a leisurely game
of pretend,
and cut our throats.

Slowly, you and I are deteriorating
for all to see.
We are as delicate
as quartered pomegranate.
Bearing seeds
bloody with
and distress.

The poor man is greedy,
he holds out his cup
and he’d murmur:
“Dreams don’t come cheap”.
Collecting passerby tokens of pity,
it buys him another night of drifting
into a lonely slumber;
he dreams and wakes.
Hungry for more.

Our objective existence
contains enough elasticity
to create the illusion of beauty,
until our humanity interferes.

Reality doesn’t have the capacity
to turn the midnight whores
and priviledged, leeching hands
into blameless silhouettes.

It’s called forgiveness
or maybe acceptance.

You’ll find no meaning of life, here;
just another masquerading know-it-all
in search of the same answers.

We’re not man enough to be human,
and even though we’re learning to fit in…
somehow it’s easier to fake it.*
Own up to the disease
embedded in the same hands
of a soul
not unlike yours.
And jump.

*Three lines adapted from Marilyn Manson’s song, “The Gardener”.
-I’m not man enough, to be human. But I’m trying to fit in, and I’m learning to fake it.-

2 Comments to “Umbrella Terms”

  1. Really excellent poem – says so much in those words so beautifully!
    Suzy 😀

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