Poem: Love is.

by Harry


Love is

Everything and nothing
Poetry and prose

The music of the heart
The diction of the soul 

A soft place to rest
A hard place to reach

Light that guides our actions 
Darkness with no relief

The Questions left unanswered
The Answers to all we ask

A bottomless well to drink from
A  nearly empty flask 

 Strong  enough to stand
Weak  enough to fall

Love is…

The stillest calm
and fiercest storm

The darkest night
and the brightest morn.

It is as we travel
In search of our purpose
 Journey, destination  
Anchor Compass

A stormy unrest of  soul
A  calm peace of mind 

 Cruel when ruled by fear
Caring when it’s kind 

 A gift when given freely
An obligation  by demand

A dream of hope when thriving
A nightmare in its end

A banquet feast fit for a king
A meager bowl soup

A Church of many believers
A house of ill repute

Love  Gives
and takes

It makes whole
it breaks 

Knows all,
is all,

begins and
ends all




7 Comments to “Poem: Love is.”

  1. Beautiful poem Lizzie and thank you for letting me post it.

  2. Love is the strongest feeling ¨of all.

  3. I loved this! The juxtapositions were very effective.

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