by billgncs

a poetry prompt to write a romantic poem with mud, old shoes and TP. I think someone has a sense of humor

a lonely trek
up the muddied path
where breath was frost and ice

the cabin cold,
one old wood stove
our shelter for the night

with kindling scarce
we birthed flames to life
fed by shards of toilet paper

lit candles low
before the fire’s warm glow
embraced to still your shivering

mud caked old shoes
yield shapely feet
as the fire’s flames stir higher

the fire’s fed
a bed prepared
for us to cuddle warmly

your silhouette
against candle light
as air caresses skin

a single kiss
then hand in hand
we quickly snuggle in

7 Comments to “TP”

  1. Very funny Bill, i take it TP stands for toilet paper 🙂

  2. Loved the line bout toiletpaper.

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